cortenfrio corte agua asesoramiento


Technical office

Our cutting system uses the most advanced CAD -CAM systems to get the best accuracy in cutting. In our technical office we arrange orders and prepare them for cutting optimizing material whenever it is possible so that cutting will be cheaper. We work with most common formats 2D file. We also apply our technical capacity to develop your ideas and projects from the very beginning.



We believe in your ideas and if you have an idea or your client proposes a project, we will offer a full counselling service.
We will advise you which materials and finishing touches suit your needs best. We also have a physical sample that will help in making decision. Our technical department will design pieces within your sizes. Finally, we will conduct a quality check to ensure the best results.


Urgent works

If you need to work with the utmost urgency, consult us. We have a large stock of materials to perform any work with immediate delivery. Disposing of several cutting machines, we can handle rush works without crippling other work in performance. We will leave your order packed and ready for delivering.


Stock storage

We have specially equipped spaces for storage of raw materials. This is especially interesting in the case of studies in which the same raw material is used. You can send the material directly from suppliers to our facilities. Due to our systems of material exploitation we will make the most of your raw materials.


Prototypes and special pieces

We have no minimum quantity fabrication, which, in addition to the stock of materials that we dispose, allows us to offer the best service for prototyping or unique pieces.


National and international deliveries

We prepare your order with the right packaging for delivery both national and international. We have accounts with various parcel carriers; we choose the most suitable for your type of delivery and destination.