cortenfrio corte agua aluminio aluminium water cut

Many companies have already taken an advantage from our cutting system reducing costs and processes in parts fabrication . We also have an advisory service and technical department to develop your ideas. We use Cad- Cam systems.

Welcome to the future cutting system. This is a thread cutting system with dynamic head water that is imposed for its versatility. The waterjet cutter system is gaining its field on traditional cutting systems for the large number of materials and thicknesses which can be cut with great precision, with little material loss or alteration of its properties because of thermal less process.

Cortenfrío is an enterprise specialized in waterjet cutter system with dynamic head. We use the latest technology and our years of experience in various fields of industry, decoration and signage make us one of the leading companies in this field.

We are located in the industrial area of ​​Villanueva de Gallego in Zaragoza, next to the highway to Huesca.


We cut all types of metals, up to 200mm thick. From light alloys and thin thicknesses up to high alloys and large thicknesses. Discover the benefits of cutting aluminum of any thickness, which is impossible to cut with other cutting systems! We offer fast service of high quality for fabrication of single prototypes and serial parts.

Technical plastics and elastomers

We specialize in cutting polymers and elastomers of any thickness. Our cut system does not burn or harm the material. Discover the great potential of technical plastics such as strength, weight reduction or cost savings in fabrication. We cut all kinds of plastics, rubbers and rubbers such as polyurethane , PE , PP , EPDM, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC , PTFE, Bakelite , PMMA , PET , foams , silicones, rubbers with your design.