Cortenfrio is a dynamic enterprise committed to provide all its experience to the diverse sectors.

Our SPECIALTY wire cutting in water and due to our unique dynamic shear, we offer incomparable quality service, cutting all kinds of materials with dimensions of 4000X2000 and 0.2 to 200 mm thick with tolerances of + / – 0.3 mm. (about higher thickness and lower tolerances, make a request).

Our INNOVATIVE effort leads us to accept other challenges such as non-tapered cut of diverse materials, reducing processes and costs to our customers.

We extract SPECIMENS from their pieces, cutting them at room temperature for testing and providing corresponding certificate.

Without quenching or any distortion, especially on hard metals, which do not undergo crystallization, its subsequent machining is EASIER, “if it takes place” avoiding tool breakage.

We cut your PROTOTYPES following your design in any material with fast delivery.

We send your order to any location.

We have extensive facilities that allow us to work with big dimensions.

We collaborate with universities and technology centers, cutting any raw material, including new composites and synthetic materials, following your design.

We have got a technical department with CAD-CAM services, our contact is presupuestos@cortenfrio.com

We have suppliers for all types of materials, or if you prefer we have storage area for the stock of your own material.

Our technique is ecological and environmentally-friendly by reusing and reducing water consumption in the best way for the environment.

Include our cutting services in your environmental management system.

Come to meet us and to see samples of everything that Cortenfrío is capable to do! You will be surprised!

Materials suitable for waterjet cutter

  • PLASTIC: PVC, nylon, acrylic, polycarbonate, PU, ​​PE, PE-HD, EPS …
  • METALS: aluminum, brass, copper, iron, titanium steels, high alloys hardness …
  • COMPOSITES: compact materials, fiberglass, carbon fiber …
  • STONES: both natural and artificial, granite, marble, silestone, slate, porcelain …


  • Equipment Parts
  • Aeronautics
  • OEMs
  • Automotive
  • Architecture
  • Interior Decorating & Design
  • Labeling
  • Stands
  • Facades
  • Artistic work …


It is a family business founded in 2005 with new fabrication techniques to design any piece from any type of raw material, managed with professional and business criterions for nowadays needs .

Our factory is located on the installation of 1000 m2, equipped with the latest technology equipment which allows us to mark-up our services.

Our customers’ reliance and our everyday effort to improve ourselves allow us to maintain very high quality standards, being able at the same time to increase production and professional success for our users.

We provide our current and future clients with information in a convenient and efficient way by online presence.

It would be our pleasure to know your opinion about our website as well as the fabricated products; your suggestions improve us, thank you!

Quality Policy

CORTENFRÍO management considers the customer satisfaction of vital importance, having established a plan for continuous improvement through training and motivation of employees, increasing their professional competence.

To improve the efficiency of the company, both management and other staff are committed to optimize established processes, providing enterprise with human, technical and financial resources to achieve the continuous improvement of the quality system, improving customer expectations.