Laser cutter

cortenfrio corte laser cut plastic metacrilato
cortenfrio corte laser cut water

In order to complete our service and high demand for plastic wood, and other parts, Cortenfrío extends its service cutting with a CO2 laser.

Our system allows CO2 laser cutter to cut and engrave in multiple materials such as methacrylates, plywood, chipboard, DM Wood, fabric, etc. … up to 20mm thick.

Due to laser cutter, we get more optimal finishing touches for these types of materials, with bright surface finishing touches, ideal for works requiring excellent cut edge.

With the laser cutter process, we can reduce cutting times and at the same time, fulfill it with the most economical price of finished piece.

For any questions about the laser cutting process, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


  • CO2 Laser cutter for Cutting and Engraving
  • Overall dimensions of 2.500 x 1.300mm cut
  • Cutting accuracy : 0.2-0.3 mm

Materials and thicknesses

  • Materials and Metacrilatos acrylic up to 20mm thick
  • Wood DM to 6mm thick
  • plywood
  • leather
  • fabrics
  • Etc …