Waterjet cutter


Waterjet cutter is future. This new cutting system provides incomparable advantages over conventional systems such as laser cutter or plasma cutter :

  • Cold cut without thermal influence
  • Flexible and precise machining of almost any material
  • Maximum utilization of material
  • Final products without tension
  • Clean and environmentally- friendly production
  • High precision, non-tapered parts due to the dynamic shear technology
  • Clean and burr-free cut that prevents further processing
  • Higher than laser thicknesses within the minimum delivery deadlines
  • Possibility of cut materials impossible to cut with other systems such as aluminum, glass or plastic
  • Greenest nowadays technology

Technical data

Net Workspace

  • Workspace : 3.700 × 2.000mm
  • Z axis: up to 200mm thick


  • Positioning accuracy: + / -0.15 mm
  • Repetition accuracy: + / -0.05 mm
  • Specifications according to ISO 230-2 applied to the specifications NMTBA

Cutting capacity

  • Working pressure up to 4,150 bars, depending on material

Supported Formats

  • All kinds of vector files
  • Common files: . DWG, DXF, EPS, ORD, fh8 – .fh11, ai, cdr, etc . . . . . .
  • (There is our own design department)